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Wi-Fi offload powering a fifth of extra mobile data capacity

21 November on What's new?

Wi-Fi offload will provide 22% of all additional data capacity during 2013 and 2014 it is believed by tier one mobile operators according a Wireless Broadband Alliance report. A similar contribution will be made by Wi-Fi offload (20% of additional […]


Smartphone Wi-Fi and data consumption is higher on larger screens

20 November on What's new?

It is thought that a user’s Wi-Fi and data consumption will be higher if they have a smartphone with a large screen. Screens that are 4.5 inches or larger have a 44% greater Wi-Fi and cellular data consumption than screens […]


Apple 3D rumours

19 November on What's new?

It is rumoured that Apple may be preparing to add gesture-recognition capabilities and 3D to its devices, if the reports are true that it is negotiating a deal to pay $345 million PrimeSense a Tel Aviv company. Calcalist, an Israeli […]

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Another smart-watch is on its way

19 November on What's new?

Another smart-watch is on its way. On the 2nd of December, the digital wireless telecommunication manufacturer, Qualcomm, will make its Toq smart-watch available to consumers. Although instead of a full consumer proposition, the device is instead only being positioned as […]

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Twitter UK emergency service launched

18 November on What's new?

An emergency alert service is being launched by Twitter in the UK today. Organisations such as the police force and the Environment agency will have messages sent from the system to people who have signed up for the service. Users […]

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Jolla’s Android Sailfish OS smartphones to launch in November

15 November on Technology, What's new?

Jolla, the Finnish start up, has released details about their first batch of Sailfish OS-based smartphones. These details include information on what the software has to offer and when the devices will be available to customers. The handsets will go […]

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EE, Telefonica and Vodafone back UK 5G innovation centre

15 November on Technology, What's new?

Joining a long list of industry players throwing their weight behind the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) planned by the University of Surrey are EE, Telefonica and Vodafone. Backed by UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, the consortium also includes Aeroflex, Aircom International, […]


Vodafone spend billions upgrading network

14 November on What's new?

£7 billion is to be spent by Vodafone in a bid to upgrade its networks, with an extra £300m being pledged to the UK as it prepares for an end to the European economic crisis. London will benefit from a […]

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Large screen smartphones grow share in Q3

13 November on Technology, What's new?

In third quarter 2013, over a quarter of a billion smartphones were shipped globally. A growing percentage of these smartphones boasts large screens according to a study by Canalys. Accounting for 22% of all shipments were smartphone screens of five […]

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Global mobile subscriptions to reach 9.3 billion by 2019

12 November on What's new?

According to infrastructure vendor Ericsson, 9.3 billion global mobile subscriptions are expected by 2019. It is suggested that more than 60% of these subscriptions, 5.6 billion, will be smartphones. WCDMA/HSPA networks are expected to cover 90% of the world’s population […]